Smart Cities

Sustainable Growth Management

Using Location Technology AI/ML to identify best locations for new development that balances all aspects of sustainability and smart growth

Disaster Planning and Response

Using AI/ML to map out the path of the hurricane and predict areas and communities most susceptible to impact so we can better plan and respond to natural disasters

Better Prediction and Resource Allocation

Using GIS and AI/ML to model and predict areas that are most vulnerable to wildfire so communities can plan better and respond in a timely manner to mitigate the impact of fire

Groundwater Modeling and Prediction

Utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AL/ML)

Digital modeling AI/ML tools can help visualize groundwater and well locations and quantify various scenarios of yield to identify desired future conditions and achieve sustainable yield


Making Smart Growth Smarter

GeoDesign, big data, AI/ML predictive analytics helps to locate best areas for future expansion based on multi-criteria evaluation and modeling to ensure sustainable growth management

Urban Systems Modeling

Land Use Planning & Built Environment

AI/ML to model the impact of various land uses on the environment to help in evaluating what-if scenarios and mitigate adverse impact on surrounding communities